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about us

We are a “Global Player” able to customize any “Turnkey Solution” for your “Audio Video Contents distribution” through Multi-Platform in the Broadcasting market.

We have been analysing the broadcast’s market evolution and the outcomes confirm that the way to enjoy video contents for end users is keep evolving NON-STOP. Priority one is the vision of pre-produced video contents such as YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, which means “LIVE Events” seem to be disadvantaged, bringing the attention of the “System Integrators” like us, to put our best efforts in creating new demand in market.


Gulf Cast LLC is a brand-new company for the Middle East but with strong European roots consolidated during last 20 years. By this new “bridge” to the Middle East, we’ll continue and expand our effort in the Middle East and African continent.


Our aim is to share our know-how to make your business successful all over the world.

We analyse and develop customized solutions every day, thanks to the high-quality technology always forefront, together with our work-team and external partners.


We significantly believe in a virtual future “socially close to everybody” where you can be linked all over, feeling yourself anywhere.

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